UK Taxation Pushes Gibraltar to EGBA

gamblingAs many know, the European Gaming and Betting Association is one that represents a rather significant number of the leading online betting and gaming operators who have regulated and provided licenses from within the European Union.As the body that represents the regulated operators, the association has been promoting the implementation of a competitive and a fair gambling market that would fall in line with the code of law of the European Union. Some members of the EGBA include BetClic, licensed from Gibraltar, as well as Unibet from Malta, and Digital Entertainment.Recently, the Association had listed the Gibraltar online gambling jurisdiction under the listing of being its first national member just as the government of the United Kingdom began to discuss the changes it would like to make with regard to its online gambling tax regime. The changes that the United Kingdom wish to make would affect the online bettering industry within Gibraltar, which has prompted the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, its remote betting trade body, to join forces with the EGBA in an effort to deal with the issues.

According to the European Gaming and Betting Association’s secretary general, Maarten Haijer, the Association has high hope for the new partnership as the Association looks forward to working alongside the Gibraltar Betting and Gambling Association. Not only does the GBGA house a rather large part of the online gambling offerings within the European Union, but both organizations have the same vision for a cross border industry that is strictly regulated but also puts both consumer protection and high standards as the top priorities. With this in mind, the Association has welcomed GBGA with open arms into the fold. Please visit online casino real money.

Peter Howitt, the Chief Executive of the GBGA noted that the partnership between both associations would represent a significant milestone for the GBGA as well as the Gibraltar operators that the Association represents. Howitt stated that partnering with the European Gaming and Betting Association would permit the GBGA to work more closely with the Association in a way that would better represent gambling operators in the European Union and focus on issues that relate to effective regulation, consumer protection and protection from money laundering in an environment that becomes more and more competitive each year.

This sort of partnership, Howitt notes, is the kind that provides plenty of strength for the industry as a whole to further the fairness cause.

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