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Volunteers have raised £50,000 last month for the charitable institution, Responsible Gambling Trust, by trekking in the Sahara Desert. The team of 21 volunteers is joining together to help this organization which is conducting education and research for treatment of gambling.

The movement was started in 2012 to raise funds for research and since then, it has raised nearly £120,000 through treks in historical areas. In 2015, the trust is planning to organize a trek on the Great Wall of China wherein volunteers will be taken to China to start the trek.

Sahara Trek 2014

Sahara Trek

The recently concluded trek organized by this group took volunteers to its base camp at Kilimanjaro from where the trek began across Sahara Desert. Till date, this particular trek has raised around £100,000 to make people aware of the relationship between gambling and crime.

The Responsible Gambling Trust aims to raise £7 million by 2015 through numerous fund raising events, which will be utilized to carry on research in this field. The organization will help rehabilitate chronic gamblers in UK and try to cure them of their addiction.

Encouraging volunteers for China

The charitable trust is keen on getting the support of new volunteers, so that more people will be aware of harmful effects of gambling. It is encouraging famous and rich people from the gambling industry to support their cause, so that some form of responsibility is instilled in players obsessed with the game.

The trek on the Great Wall of China will begin in April 2015 and is expected to raise a minimum amount of £50,000 during this event. This trek is a six-day event that will guide volunteers across 46 kilometers across sections of the Great Wall, which have not been restored as yet. As a part of this adventure, the organization will also be taking volunteers on a sightseeing trip across Beijing which will include historical sites like the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

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