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A new casino has recently opened in Manitoba. The casino is called Sand Hills, and it is the third First Nations casino to open in the region. The casino is expansive, with several table games and 350 slot machines spread over 31,000 square feet of gambling space.

Casino in Manitoba

Officials are looking at this casino as a huge impact for the region in regards to both economy and tourism. According to this article on the CBC News website, the casino has an annual payroll of about $5 million, but is projected to have serious collective income of roughly $150 million over the next ten years. This is not just counted in gambling revenue, but also in money spent in the region in tourism, as well as the money earned by the workers doing the construction jobs and maintenance jobs involved in upkeeping, enhancing and maintaining the building and surrounding area. There will be about 175 full time employees at the facility, over half of which are aboriginal.

The building doesn’t just offer gambling – it also offers a lounge, a restaurant and plenty of live entertainment as well. The Oasis Lounge has more than enough drink options, television screens for you to watch whatever game is being aired, full plate entrees for you to indulge in or small plate appetizers for you to graze over during the lounge’s Happy Hour. Dunes Restaurant has plenty of food, found and brought to your table from all corners of the world, all freshly made and presented with pizazz and a flourish to match. Not only do they have a standard lunch and dinner menu, they also have specialty nights that will showcase different types of food from all over the globe.

The facility’s gift shop is not to be missed on the way out. Filled with unique items by the hundreds, the shop has everything from handmade jewelry to souvenir shirts, home decor items and so much more.

Located on Highway 5 in Carberry, the Sand Hills has plenty to do and plenty to see. Their hours, current deals and employment opportunities are all listed on their website.

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