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Even though, Las Vegas has a lot to offer to its visitors including top class dining, extravagant shopping and a thriving nightlife, Macau continues to be the hotspot for serious gamblers. The city boasts of a casino industry that is worth 45 billion dollars and is at least 7 times bigger as compared to the one in Las Vegas. Some of the major players have been attracted to the city’s rapid growth including Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands.

The reason for gambling gaining solid ground in Macau can be owed to the fewer legal regulations and an eager Chinese population ready to try their luck at gambling.

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It is good to know a few things about gambling in Macau:

1) High stakes

Gambling in Macau is serious business. The city has some of the best hotels, parties, and gambling nights. There has been a tremendous increase in the stakes at top casinos in the city for several years now. There is almost no table playing at a low stake, less than 65 dollars. At any table (non-VIP), the standard minimum bet would be at least 270 dollars, reports Aaron Fischer from CLSA. In fact the stake would almost be reaching 320 dollars at Galaxy Macau. International players are left in the dust owing to such high stakes at the gambling tables in Macau’s casinos.

However, Fischer is of the opinion that there could be possible issues with runaway bets. There are gamblers finishing up their stack of money very quickly. It could be okay to play for a couple of hours and lose up to 1000 dollars, but it is never fun to lose out on your complete gambling budget in a single Baccarat hand.

2) Gambling with Chinese traits

In China, Macau is the only city which allows gambling as a legal activity. Therefore, it is a dream location for several tourists visiting China. The city is practically thriving on the gambling industry. With a booming gaming industry, there is a rise in tax revenue and the residents of the city receive good payouts from the government. The boom came in at the start of 2002. This was the time when restrictions on operators from other countries were removed.Las vegas_Macau_casino

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