A Look At Some Of The Very First Online Casinos

In Canada, initially, gambling was considered a darker part, especially, by the law. However, post 1960s, things changed to some extent and government could grant allowance to the provinces to start some casinos and organise lotteries.

laptop_casino_CanadaNo person has, till date been charged with any criminal allegations for gambling online in Canada. Compared to US laws pertaining to gambling online, the Canadian laws are different since, they allow the provincial governments to give license to the local casinos. The Canadian tax laws are quite similar to UK taxation laws in relation to gambling online and therefore the winnings from gambling are not taxed in Canada.

There are legal regulators that help to manage the different online casinos in Canada and prevent them from breaking laws in anyway. Presently, individual province government acts as the regulators for the gambling sites operating in their area.

Determining the legal casinos is a bit tough and shutting down the illegal ones is tougher since, there is no specific and structured legal system to deal with this aspect.

Canada, with its special approach to regulating online gambling renders the control gambling to the territorial governments. There are provinces that prohibit gambling completely. These provinces are Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Labrador and Newfoundland.

From 2009 onwards, the government of Canada has made specific moves to regulate online gambling and fabricate a competitive market for the gambling operators from abroad.

People turning to casinos outside the country will cause flow of money outside the country is another major concern for the government that creates enough reason to legalise gambling online.

On the whole, the scenario related to online gambling in Canada is comparatively relaxed as there are quite a few casinos that have licences and are operating in a legalised manner.

With new developments coming up in the area of gambling, online gambling in Canada is getting smoother.

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