A Look At Some Of The Very First Online Casinos

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The Hippodrome, which is the biggest casino in the UK has recently decided that it is going to replace standard sized bouncers with dwarves. They placed a variety of advertisements around town looking for door dwarves to be used as bouncers. There is a long tradition of small performers at the casino – and placing these dwarves at the door would place a smile on the face of customers.

The owner of the casino also said that nobody will mess with a dwarf

The trials for the new bouncers involved people of a height smaller than 4’10” to man the casino’s entrance. They have said to have done very well. The advertisement was looking to “create a team” of the smallest bouncers for the new entrance at the hippodrome.

Since 1900, the hippodrome has used dwarves in one way or another. At one point, they had dwarves diving from a 60 foot gallery into a water tank. It should come as no surprise that they are now looking for these people to play doormen. The new entrance, which is on Cranbourn Street in Leicester Square will be the entrance that gets all of this special attention.

The Hippodrome is constantly looking to make improvements. They recently decided that casino craps would now be called dice because the previous name was too insulting and people did not want to play a game that was involved was such a vulgar term. The casino did a significant amount of rebranding and dice has become a popular game in the UK once again.

Adding the dwarves to the entrance is means of security as well as customer service. A variety of people have already applied and the casino is looking forward to the improvements that it will make to the overall theme of the casino.

With the Hippodrome taking the lead on such a thing, it is curious to see if other casinos will follow in their footsteps of employing dwarves or another form of entertainment for the casino entrances.