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It was recently announced that the Gold Coast Casino that will be built beside Sea World will focus its business on international tourists. The project that is being designed and implemented by ASF Consortium will be able to handle 100 million new customers within the forthcoming 10 years after its scheduled opening in 2017-18 before the start of the Commonwealth Games. The project has become a topic of controversy for a request by the Consortium to build a terminal for cruise ships along with resort and casino at a different site in the same area. But under stiff opposition from conservation groups about the impact on the fragile ecosystem of Wave Break Island the request for terminal was denied.

Gold Coast Casino

Gold Coast Casino and Resort Project on Southport Spit

Under the new terms this project will consist of a resort cum casino facility which will be able to create several thousand jobs for locals. The resort will be located on a site measuring five hectares that lies exactly between car park of Sea World and Fisherman’s Cooperative of Gold Coast. A detailed plan of the project will be ready by 2016 and will be presented to City Council of Gold Coast for approval. Work on it will begin only after approval and both the state and developers will take active part in its development.

Gold Coast – A tourist paradise

As an international tourist brand has long been the centrepiece of Australia’s attractions and this project aims to reach beyond the area’s natural attractions. According to Chief Executive of Gold Coast’s Tourism Paul Donovan, this project will be an iconic development and will be built on a lavish scale to attract tourists from all around the world. But the local environment group of “Save Our Spit” Steve Gration stated in a press interview with ABC that his group is questioning use of government land for private project and need for additional casino in a city which already provides 2500 jobs to people in eco-tourism.

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