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If you enjoy playing video slots, wild symbols may probably be your favourite. After all what’s not there to love about them – they help you replace an unwanted symbol with the one you need. In 2014 a lot of video slot games hit the market, with different kinds of wild symbols. Here is what the different symbols mean, to help you understand their importance better.

Expanding, spreading or stacked

video slotStacked wild symbols, as the name suggests are stacked together, that is they are placed over each other. Using more than one of such symbols can help you win big. Expanding symbols are those that look like single icons. They are similar to stacked symbols. Use it in a winning combination to cover the entire length of the reel, as it will increase your number of winning combinations. Among good examples of expanding wilds is Count Spectacular. Spreading wilds too expand, but they expand horizontally.

Frozen, locked or sticky wilds

Have you ever played Attraction Slot by NetEnt Casinos? Then you may have come across sticky wilds. Needless to say, they stick to their place for certain number of spins. Frozen and locked wilds have the same function, though they have different names. Like sticky wilds, they too are stuck at the same place, but they retain their position for longer. Most often, they can be seen during the bonus round and normally stays there till the end of the round.

Spilt, random or walking wilds

If a walking wild symbol appears on any of your reels during the game, you win a re-spin, a couple of them in fact. With every re-spin, the wild makes its way through all the reels one by one to the left, before disappearing. Random wilds randomly turn other symbols into wild ones. Spilt wilds are among the latest variants, and one such symbol counts as two. It can be seen in Microgaming’s Jurassic Park Slot.

Jackpot, bonus and multiplying wilds

A multiplying wild symbol showing up on your reel means that your winnings will be multiplied. Jackpot wild will land you a winning combination and bonus wilds provide varying bonuses.

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