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Adult Swim has launched Area 777, a slot game that takes everything you love about online slot machines and infuses it with additional gameplay mechanics and a unique comedic voice.

Welcome to Area 777

Area 777The name Area 777 is a play on Area 51, a famous U.S. Air Force base in Nevada where some believe the government stored evidence from the Roswell crash. In this game, the legends are true, and now the aliens have returned to not only rescue their mates but to lay waste to the world that took them prisoner.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim, stylized [adult swim], is an American cable network that specializes in a unique brand of comedy. The success of the company has inspired it to branch that unique comedy out into other forms of media, and video games, particularly for mobile devices, is one of the areas where it has had great success. A core goal of many of these games is to take the classic slot machine format and expand it in a way that people would want to try and continuing playing without the added incentive of money on the line.

Area 777 Adds Autopilot

Area 777 is not the first slots-style game developed by Grumpyface Studios for publisher Adult Swim, and all of the core features fans expect are here: core slots experience, single-player progression and social aspects. Perhaps the most curious new addition to the feature set is an autopilot mode. Automatic spins make a lot of sense for real-money slot machines where a gambler may be trying to maximize his or her time and has other things to do as well, but it does seem a little strange in a game where the entire purpose is the gameplay itself. The game is still tons of fun. Just keep auto-mode in the off position.

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