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How Legal Elements in Canada Determine the Ups and Downs of the Virtual Gambling World

In Canada, initially, gambling was considered a darker part, especially, by the law. However, post 1960s, things changed to some extent and government could grant allowance to the provinces to start some casinos and organise lotteries. No person has, till date been charged with any criminal allegations for gambling online in Canada. Compared to US […]

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Fight Back the Aliens with the Area 777 Slot Game

Adult Swim has launched Area 777, a slot game that takes everything you love about online slot machines and infuses it with additional gameplay mechanics and a unique comedic voice. Welcome to Area 777 The name Area 777 is a play on Area 51, a famous U.S. Air Force base in Nevada where some believe […]

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Go Wild with Video Slot Symbols

If you enjoy playing video slots, wild symbols may probably be your favourite. After all what’s not there to love about them – they help you replace an unwanted symbol with the one you need. In 2014 a lot of video slot games hit the market, with different kinds of wild symbols. Here is what […]

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Craps 101 – Learn The Basics

Bewildering at first glance, Craps has a reputation for scaring away new players but, we promise, it’s not as intimidating as it looks! Craps is a dice game centered around a table which is divided into various different sections. So much happens all at once that it needs four staff per table! The game has […]

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