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Microgaming, the company which is in charge of overseeing some of the world’s most popular online casinos (such as Casino UK, Ladbrokes, and Maple Casino), has announced the biggest mobile jackpot payoff ever handed out to a single player in the entire history of online casino play.

A regular player on Microgaming’s Spin Palace online casino, known only as Gabriel L, has won an unprecedented amount of money, thanks to Microgaming’s world famous Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. This amount comes to an amazing total of £3,744,513.

microgaming online casinoSpin Palace player, Gabriel L has won a life changing £3,744,513 on Microgaming’s iconic Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. In American currency, the total is $6,002,296.52. This is by far the largest mobile jackpot win in history. Reached for comment, Gabriel L could only splutter as he wiped away tears of sheer joy, having only this to say: “I simply couldn’t believe it! Especially seeing that I won it playing on my mobile phone. I still can’t believe it. Thank you, Spin Palace!”

Although Gabriel L has been, so far, the luckiest player to hit the online casino at Spin Palace this year, his story is not completely unique. It seems that Mega Moolah has been in the international spotlight more than a few times in the past year.

For example, just this past May, Spin Casino was instrumental in the creation of the gaming world’s very first mobile slot millionaire. This amazing new development was quickly followed by the creation of yet another mobile slot millionaire the very next week. As of this writing, Microgaming’s signature Progressive Jackpot Network has paid out over €15m in mobile winnings (the equivalent of some $24,043,810 in American dollars).

Reached for comment, Roger Raatgever, the CEO of Microgaming, had this to say: “It is so exciting that a staggering £3.7m has been hit on our HTML5 client. I am particularly proud of our mobile product as we roll out new content every month and currently offer 103 mobile games, which is the most in the industry. This win will be paid out to Gabriel L in one single payment so he can enjoy the winnings immediately.”

In short, Microgaming seems to be setting a new standard for online jackpots, as well as prompt payouts. This is a standard that other online competitors will now be challenged to live up to.

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