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Sophia BushSophia Bush is most famous for her roles in the American TV series One Tree Hill and most recently Chicago PD. She has built an impressive career for herself, but it appears the actress was recently the victim of repeated online bullying. Bush remained silent on the matter for many weeks and months, but finally decided to report the online stalker to the police. She said that “enough is enough” and “something needs to be done” in regards to the online stalking and bullying.

Bush has reportedly received threatening tweets and messages on her Instagram account from the same user. Whenever the user is blocked and reported, he or she pops up again with a different account. Not one to make baseless accusations, Bush has photographic evidence of the messages she has been sent over the past few months.

She said that even though she had been silent for the past few months, the situation had gone “beyond out of hand”. She believes that the online stalker is obsessive and potentially violent, both towards her and her fans. She urged the police to do more than say “we are on it”, because they had made no serious attempts to stop the threatening messages in the past.

Despite the seriousness of her allegations against the online stalker, the actress had some kind words for the anonymous person: “I feel very sorry for whoever sends me these messages. There is obviously a lot of hate in their heart. I am sorry for your pain, but I am more angry about the pain you are causing other people. Your constant verbal harassment, threats of potential physical and sexual assault, and other unkind words are not acceptable, no matter what. None of us deserve this.”

It remains to be seen whether the anonymous Twitter and Instagram user will be identified and prosecuted for their online threats.

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